Software Order Policies About Us
PCS is dedicated to inform the computer businesses about consequences of dealing with the companies that show no intention to pay for their orders therefore their accounts have been forwarded to  the collection agencies.


These are the list of the companies:



1_ Used Computer Store

 Owner: Dennis Ouchi

 Phone Number: 604.984.2221

 fax Number: 604.984.2307

 Address: 1431 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1T5



2- Big Sky Software

Owner: James West

Phone Number: 306-694-1515

Fax Number: 306-692-6720

Address: 1145 Henleaze Ave, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 3V8

Please note that few companies including our company are looking to locate James West to bring him to justice

If you have any information in regards to where-about of James West please contact us to claim a prize



3-Custom PC

Owners: Jay, Kevin

Phone Number: 780-484-3200

Fax Number: 780-484-3330

Address: 10676 156 St, Edmonton, AB, T5P 2R9




4-Designer Graphics


Maureen Willcox

Christopher Willcox

Phone Number: 204-231-8276

Fax Number: 204-231-9504

Address: 236 Hamel Ave, Winnipeg. MB. R2H 0K6

Invoice No# 8989, 9025, 9062

Total outstanding: 638.79



5-  OBI Systems Inc

Owner: Solomon Igor

Phone Number: 306-683-2222

Fax Number: 306-683-2292

Address: 8A-415 115 street. Saskatoon. SK. S7N 2X9

Invoice No# 7384

Date: July 31.2000

Amount: $1281.86

Action Taken: After months of unsuccessful communication with him we forwarded his account to:

 Saskatchewan Collection Agency. 































































 Prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to change without notice

 OEM software must be bundled with an appropriate hardware only