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Customer Satisfaction:


  • PCS is committed to providing all customers with world-class service. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase, and that all the software and hardware we sell is 100% new and authentic.
  • Every product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All our Microsoft OEM products are full OEM ( the Certificate Of Authenticity is included )


Price Guarantee:

· We match or beat our competition’s prices on any software upon verification.

· The shipping is always paid by the buyers.


Purchasing a retail version:

  • You can purchase a retail version of any software by phone, fax or email and you can use your own credit card or the PayPal .

Purchasing an OEM version:

  • To register please go to our sign up web page and following the instructions.
  • We require only the company information that is necessary to securely process your order and for contacting you about your transactions. If you become a PCS customer, you may request updated price lists and special price-reduction offers.
  • All the information provided by you in regard to your company are considered as confidential and they will not be shared with other companies.
  • We need to have at least one of your credit cards on file or the customer has to pay by Bank Draft or Certified Cheque.

· We must receive a copy of Company Registration in order to process OEM software sales.




  • Local customers pay both the PST and HST and the out of province purchases are only subject to the HST.


  • .
    ALBERTA 5%
    ONTARIO 13%
    QUEBEC 5%
    PEI 14%
    NORTH WEST  5%
    YUKON 5%




·         We do not sell, share, trade or in any other way make your name, email address or other information available to any other party. Your order information will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used to process your order.



·          We do not guarantee the price and availability of all the products on this website.

·          All the price quotes are good for 24 hours.

·          Credit cards and the PayPal payments may be subject to surcharge.

·           You can email us to get a quote on hardware or software @



·          PCS takes orders by phone, by fax and by email.




  • The purchaser bears the cost of shipping.
  • There is no handling charges, The purchaser pays for the estimated shipping charge only.
  • The cost of shipping varies depending on the volume and weight of the shipment as well as the transportation method (air, ground).
  • Our delivery time depends on availability of each item and varies from 1 to 4 days.
  • All orders are shipped via Fedex, Purolator Courier or Canada Post.
  • The cutoff time for the local same day deliveries is 10 AM.
  • The cutoff time for out of our area shipping is 2:30 PM.
  • PCS should not be held responsible for any late delivery due to bad weather or misdirected packages.
  • We also drop ship on the customer’s request by using their name and address as the shipper.



 Return Policy:

  • Only unopened packaged software is returnable for up to 5 business days from receiving date.  Opened, Written-on, or installed software is not returnable. Defective software will only be replaced with the "similar kind" software.
  •  It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if the product(s) ordered suits his/her needs and whether the product is compatible with his/her computer. Our order operators are not trained to offer technical or requirement advice; therefore, they will not be held liable for misinformation. We do suggest that our customers  to contact the software manufacturer with any questions prior to placing an order.
  • Any unopened, non defective, not installed software in perfect condition may be returnable at our sole discretion and is subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.  Items received after 10 days will be refused. All items must be returned with original packaging, including all registration card, COA, disks-CDs-manuals-licenses-etc. in perfect condition.
  • Any product that requires activations (including XP line of products) is non- returnable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable.
  • Our RMA department can be contacted by e-mail:


Technical Support:

·          Technical support is provided by the software manufacturer/publisher depending upon the version of the software.


Commercial Version:

 ·          Commercial software is to be used in Commercial environment like (  Offices, …………)



Academic Software:

·          Academic software must be sold to qualified purchasers like (teachers, students, faculties….)



 OEM Version:

  • OEM software is software that only includes the essential components of the software without technical support from manufacturer.  These essential components are the software in the form of a CD-ROM, the COA, the product key code, The license.
  • Some of the OEM software that were made for the major computer corporations such as IBM, Dell,….are  eventually end up in the market place, Therefore it would be wise for the small computer businesses to buy the OEM ( DSP ) version which are discussed later in this page.
  •  By purchasing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) software, you acknowledge and assume all liabilities for compliance with end user restrictions. 

·         Purchaser agrees that PCS will not be held liable if any infringement may occur by way of re-selling the OEM product without appropriate hardware.

·         Microsoft OEM software does not receive Microsoft telephone technical support. However the end user is able to access internet technical support.

·         For the individual purchasers we may have to bundle their software with the appropriate hardware.





DSP Version:


·         DSP means “Delivery Service Partner”.  DSP Is  full OEM software, Packaged by the manufacturer and it’s made exclusively for the system builders and system integrators and VARS, This software is not made for the major computer corporations such as IBM, Dell, Compaq……….….

·          DSP versions often come with only an electronic help manual, which is built-in to the software or a small getting-started manual. The software itself contains the same programs as the Retail Box version, except the Retail Box version normally comes with a small printed manual. DSP Microsoft software include a COA, which is a Certificate Of Authenticity label or sticker from the manufacturer.



 Retail Version:

·         Retail box version is similar to one you can purchase at any computer store (Future Shop, Staples, Office Depot…...), This version is made for the end-users and it also comes with the manufacturer’s technical support.



Upgrade Version:

·          Upgrade version is made for the previous users of the same software and it’s come in the retail box packaging only( There is no such a thing as OEM upgrade ).



White Box Version:

·          White Box: is a software that is not packaged by the original software manufacturer, It means one or more items ( such as COA ) from the Original packaging might be missing.



·          NFR ( Not For Resale ): or replacement media, If  something happens to the media, The legitimate owner of the software may contact the software manufacturer, The software manufacturer would send a replacement media which is called NFR, This media is to be used by the sole owner of the software assuming he has the license , The NFR CD contains the same program without the license and it cannot be sold to the others.


End User License Agreement:

·         EULA (End User License Agreement) is an agreement  between the software manufacturer and software user.

·          You agree to hold PCS harmless for any damages or violations of the Agreement between the End User (you) and the software or hardware manufacturer or copyright holder.

·         Be aware! EULA is only an agreement not the licence.


 COA :

·         COA stands for "Certificate of Authenticity". This is an anti-counterfeiting label which may also include a CD key.

·         COA comes with all Microsoft Retail or OEM products.



·          CAL (Client Access License) is grant the right for computer to have access to the server, This is different than an operating system or workstation license which grants you the right to have an operating system running on your system.


Other Terms

·          MOLP: Multiple Open License Program is old Microsoft open licensing program

·           OLP: Open License Program

·          OBL: Open Business License

·          SA: Software Assurance is upgrading program by Microsoft for the older users of the same software

·          SDP: Solution Delivery Program is a term used by Symantec Corporation

·          RMA: Return Merchandise Authorization























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 OEM software must be bundled with an appropriate hardware only

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