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Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2016   10211U282016R


Manage Your Business Like a Pro

Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2014 is the right fit for small businesses that have one company, one location, and one user and need a dynamic accounting and business management solution.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting lets you efficiently manage all of your financial transactions, cash flow, budgeting, projects and inventory in two currencies for flexibility. It lets you prepare and track bill payments, invoices, federal and provincial taxes—with the ability to switch from English to French on-the-fly. Plus, you’ll feel confident about the accuracy of your finances with a full-time audit trail. Best of all, you’ll streamline your business operations and save time and money...while giving your business that professional edge.




Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2016   10-2P-2U2-82015R  


Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2014 is ideal for small businesses that need an accounting solution with advanced business management tools to accommodate more than one company, location, or software user.

SSage 50 Premium Accounting provides the tools you need to analyze your business with advanced accounting and budgeting functionality. It helps you make informed decisions using real-time data consolidated from across your business including multiple subsidiaries and companies. With Sage 50 Premium Accounting, you can get more productive with 2 user licenses as well as track inventory in more than one location.

You can drill down into a better understanding of your customers, prospects, operations and sales numbers with customizable reporting options. Better yet, you can leverage up that kind of analytical power in reports tailored specifically for the retail, professional services, property management, and accommodations industries. Plus, you can readily meet customer needs with unlimited multi-currency options and the ability to switch between English and French on-the-fly.











  Simply Accounting 2015 Pro

Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll 2013 delivers the ultimate business management and payroll solution for any small business. This comprehensive software suite allows you 12 months of access to Sage's payroll solution for up to 50 staff as well as the full business management suite that includes tax compliance and invoices/bill payment.

More Information

  • Provides a perfect bundle for business management and payroll solution
  • 12 months of access to Sage payroll software for up to 50 staff
  • Receive regular software upgrades to keep you at the cutting edge of tax compliance
  • Allows you to track customers, suppliers and calculate your taxes
  • Prepare bill payments and invoices with ease











Sage 50 First Step Accounting 2013

Organize Your Business: More Automation Means Less Aggravation!

You can organize your small or home-based business while saving time and money. It’s easy with Sage 50 First Step Accounting 2013. This software solution covers the basics of accounting and business management for small business start-ups like yours.

Sage 50 First Step Accounting lets you take control of your cash flow and keep track of sales transactions, customers and suppliers the proper way—with no previous accounting know-how needed. Prepare bill payments and invoices, and automatically calculate and track federal and provincial taxes. Satisfy customers and vendors with the ability to switch from English to French on-the-fly and feel confident about being in compliance with government and accounting regulations.













Simply Accounting 2012 Products




  10-2L-2U2-82012R   10-2Y-1U2-82012R   10-2P-2U2-82012R  10-21-1U2-82012R





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First Step
Edition 2012

1 user

1 user

2 to 4 users
5 to 40 users  
One customer support case1 Yes Yes Yes Unlimited Priority Support Unlimited Priority Support
Online training course2          
Access online knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
60-day money-back guarantee3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Essential Accounting
Prepare invoices and receive payments Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write cheques4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track GST/HST and PST/QST Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
File GST/HST Online Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full-time audit trail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create and customize reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Years of financial history stored Up to 2 Up to 7 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100
Converts data from QuickBooks®, MYOB® and Quicken®5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Switch between English and French Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print to PDF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Reports 29 93 153 165 165
Standard Accounting
Manage inventory Price List Only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prepare purchase/sales orders and quotes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handle payroll in-house4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prepare ROE Forms for Web Submission4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Store T4/RL-1 Summary and Online Filing Information4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track projects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Budgeting Yes Advanced Advanced Advanced
Multi-currency 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Bank Reconciliation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrates with Microsoft® Word and Excel5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Accounting
Job/project tracking Yes Yes Yes
Multi-user ready6 Yes Yes Yes
Time and billing Yes Yes Yes
Departmental accounting Yes Yes Yes
Bill of materials Yes Yes Yes
Packing slips Yes Yes Yes
Multiple price lists 100 1000 1000
Synchronize with Microsoft® Outlook5 Yes Yes Yes
Integrates with ACT! Contact and Customer Manager5 Yes Yes Yes
In-depth Accounting
FIFO inventory costing Yes Yes Yes
Detailed sales analysis Yes Yes Yes
Prepare forecasts Yes Yes Yes
Industry-specific reports Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced financial reporting Yes Yes Yes
Consolidate multiple companies Yes Yes Yes
Expand the range and length of account numbers Yes Yes Yes
Multiple inventory locations Yes Yes Yes
Role-based security settings Yes Yes
Serialized inventory Yes Yes
Enhanced security Yes Yes
Report Inventory Transactions Yes Yes
Track Vendor Item Information Yes Yes
Indicate Project on Orders Yes Yes
Budget Projects Across Fiscal Years Yes Yes
Track Salaried Employee Work with Time Slips Yes Yes
Track Contractor Work with Time Slips Yes Yes
Specialized Accounting for Accountants
Create, open, edit, and save data from all Sage Simply Accounting 2012 editions Yes
Accountant/client able to work simultaneously and merge files Yes
Flexibility to edit critical data Yes
























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